Feature: Clouds Across the Sky

Clouds Across the Sky Clouds Across the Sky
by Poetry.com
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About the Book

In Clouds Across the Sky, the International House of Poetry put together a compliation to showcase poets from around the world. Simone Nikkole's poem, Me is included in this book. It is also in her upcoming book, My Journey through Poetry.


Why Me?
I get pick-pointed
It’s hard being me
When sarcasm takes its toll
I feel whole
Back in reality, life
Is pain and strife
But there are different sides
Of me that I often hide
Sensitive me, caring me, music me
Then there is the tough me
Many people see
Without that where would I be?
Locked in my room trying not to cry
Then I sigh
If it’s one side of me you hate
Hating them all is your fate
You have to deal with my many sides
To understand the real me inside