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Signatures Magazine 2006 Signatures Magazine 2006
by RIT Signatures Magazine
Subject: POETRY / General
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About the Book

Signatures 2006 is formatted in a normal book layout. The white background is used to not distract from the magnitude of each work. The cover pattern is repeated at the bottom of each page to signify unity between the works. Simone Nikkole's poem, I imagine is included in this book.

I imagine

A woman’s work is never done until her name is called to the grave.
He can never love someone if he is still fixated on her human being.
It is pitch black but one lonesome light brightens the day of night.
The tribute is soon but my heart and mind are not phased.

The hall is loud but not one voice do I hear.
He never sees the signs in front of him.

Look into my eyes and everyone can see the plights and triumphs of my life.
Tomorrow the sun will peak out from the clouds and bless us with heat.

A picture with him I never got and the night was so young and new.
So many people there yet I only saw his number one.

A multicolored leaf blows and dances lifelessly in the wind.
Not a breath of wind touches me and brushes me of my soul.

They can never break me down with jibes of insecurities and flaws.
Those things that held fear are as loose as a gazelle in the free plain.
No matter how hard I try I will have to read his page again.
The reigns never freed those in his web from the start.

They imagine the chocolate that I am yearning for: white, almond, milk, or dark.
Feeling the touches of the legends that past warms my fingers to the fullest extent.

Writing will no longer be a lament but a joyful serious jubilation.
The wait is not long until one calls my name and we start a blissful, 
		stressless journey till death due us part.

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