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Theatre of the Mind Theatre of the Mind
by Poetry.com
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About the Book

In Theatre of the Mind, the International House of Poetry put together a compliation to showcase poets from around the world. Simone Nikkole's poem, Broken Angel is included in this book.Broken Angel is also included in her upcoming book,My Journey through Poetry.

Behind Broken Angel

Poetry has been the best way to get my voice heard and relieve me of the hectic schedule I have. It has become my outlet when no one is around and when I need to get my feelings out. It has been my therapy throughout many painful times in my life. "Broken Angel" is a testment to that. Through writing this poem, I laid out all the things that were tearing me down and beating me up on th inside. Because of the tribulations I faced, I had to grow up fast and "mend my broken wing and learn to fly."