Signatures Art and Literary Magazine 2007

Signatures Magazine 2007 Signatures Magazine 2007
by RIT Signatures Magazine
Subject: POETRY / General
Subject: PHOTOGRAPHY / General
Subject: ART / Various

About the Book

In Signatures 2007, the RIT Students challenge their readers. Each magazine, assembled like a box set, has four mini books which each signify a different type of rhytmn. The titles of the rhytmns are watermarked into the covers of the mini books so the readers can decide for themselves why the poems and art work are divided in such a way. This is Simone Nikkole's favorite issue of Signatures Magazine. Simone Nikkole's poem, Azúcar Profundo is in this book. Azúcar Profundo is a wonderful collaboration with friend, Ornella Santoni.

Azúcar Profundo

A breath of fresh air
Heaven sent
Soft, suave
Sweet, dulce
Sultry, seductivo
Sensual, sensual
Sexy, erótico
Free, libre

Two bodies intertwine in
A moment of time
A vivid memory

As the sweat falls
In unison
Creating the music of their hearts

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