Feature: Signatures Art and Literary Magazine 2007

Signatures Magazine 2007 Signatures Magazine 2007
by RIT Signatures Magazine
Subject: POETRY / General
Subject: PHOTOGRAPHY / General
Subject: ART / Various

About the Book

In Signatures 2007, the RIT Students challenge their readers. Each magazine, assembled with an envelope as the cover and postcards as the inserts, has a personalized feel to it. The reader can change the order of the postcards and learn about the inspiration behind the work by reading the blurb, signed by the authors, on the back of the work. Since each work has its own postcard, it also has its own layout and typography. This is Simone Nikkole's favorite issue of Signatures Magazine. Simone Nikkole's poem, Azúcar Profundo is in this book. Azúcar Profundo is a wonderful collaboration with friend, Ornella Santoni.

Behind Azúcar Profundo

Azúcar Profundo is a poem about the perfect first kiss or a perfect and deep moment between two people in a relationship, when everything around them falls into place. We always wanted to collaborate and once we got together, the ideas began to flow. At first it was a piece in English but we decided to add the sexy and sensual ambience of Spanish language. That is how Azúcar Profundo was born.

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