About “My Journey through Poetry”

My Journey through Poetry is a journey to self acceptance and discovery in the eyes of a teen fed up with the effects of the world on self-esteem. This collection of poems is an easy read allowing you to revisit those trying teenage years. Each poem holds its own message, its own story. Poems are sprinkled throughout the preface and introduction to prepare you for the journey. In the poem, “poetry”, the author aids you in exploring your definition of poetry and its role in your life. “before you judge” gives you an overview of the gutsy journey as the author talks to the doubters and skeptics. In the first chapter, the beginning, the author shows you her response to other’s perceptions of herself. In the poem, “me”, the author opens your eyes to who she is and what situations she faces. Then, the author shows you the different aspects of love. In “solace”, the author expresses that there are people in who you can find true comfort and love.

In the next step of the journey, the author expresses that there in power in being you. In the poem “keep tryin’”, the author expresses the importance of staying strong despite all the pressures from others. In “impossible image”, the author recognizes the hold the media has on one’s self esteem. In the poem “not in the mold”, the author finally learns to own and love uniqueness. Being like everyone else becomes boring. Sometimes in life you find that once you become comfortable with yourself you experience some tribulations and resistance.

The next part of the journey takes you through those trials. In “9-1-1” and “are you pleased”, you join the author revisiting feelings and thoughts about the tragedies that shook up the world on September 11th. In “hold me”, the author not only gives you the first glimpse of the use of Spanish in her work but also expresses the message that being vulnerable is a part of life and it’s something that you shouldn’t be afraid of.

Despite all the trials and tribulations you face on your life’s journey, faith can not only bring you through but also make you stronger. “proficient grace” allows you to wonder what you would do without God’s grace. In the poem, “broken angel”, the author expresses a need all of us have— for God to mend and nurture us. In the poem, “do we hurt Him”, the author poses a question to make us think about how our actions are affecting God despite His unconditional love for us. In the poem, “wait (give me time)”, the author revisits the feelings you have when you feel that life is passing you by. Treasure every moment you have. “thought it not robbery” is a poignant poem where the author creates awareness for the struggles of premature children. Don’t let your circumstances define you, you define your circumstances. Seize the day and live each day to the fullest.

In order for us to grow as people, we have to connect to the past, learn from our struggles and allow the hard times to give us strength for the future. My Journey through Poetry gives you that chance. Someone has been in your shoes and is there to help you triumph. My Journey through Poetry harnesses the belief that life gets better; there is light at the end of the tunnel. It’s not about how you finish but the journey you have getting there.