About “Sidepiece Sanctifications”

Disclaimer (Sidepiece Sanctifications)

I've kissed a lot of toads
frogs would have been too nice
I'm still kissing frogs
I haven't found the puzzle piece to my soul yet

This is the no holds barred truth
unbeforeseen and publicized autobiography of a sidepiece

These are feelings toads care nothing about
These are experiences that scar hearts
These are times you wished you weren't a "ride or die" chick
these are times wasted and charred you can't get back
because the heart wants what the heart wants
These are moments you try to break free and can't
because you are shackled or
have given in to a serious case of learned helplessness
These are days Freud, Jung, Gestalt and Dr.Sue dread;
when your emotions take control
and there is not even a shred or slither
of superego to save yourself
These are moments described in "Eat,Pray, Love"
as your heart fusing with your brain

This is an autobiography of a "sidepiece"
"the other woman"
These are feelings the man involved
conveniently wants to ignore
This shows her a process to move on
This journey leads to an appreciation for her worth
as a woman

26. july. 13